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Brick Work support systems and curtain wall cladding have a Thermal weakness where the mechanical fixing penetrates the Insualtion. When a building can have hundreds of these on a single wall the heat loss can be substantial. Made from the proven Armatherm™ material Armadillo BWS Pads  are profiled to match the clamp area of the bracket with a "key hole" slot to allow for fast installation without removing the clamp bolt. The thermal performance of the Armatherm™ is 0.196 W/mK°.








brickwork shelf steelArmatherm™ BWS Thermal Break Pads

  • Ultra Low Thermal Conductivity of 0.196 W/mK° (1.31 Btu ft/ft2h°F)
  • High Compressive Strength

  • Standard and bespoke sizes available.

  • Small Production runs offered.

  • Can be stacked to act as shims.

  • Range of thickness' available.

  • Also offered for Purlin Isolation and Frame Cramps





 Bi-Metallic Corrosion

brick isolation explode crop

Attaching Stainless Steel directly to structural steel can accelerate corrosion rates through Bi-Metallica corrosion.

Breaking this contact with Armatherm™ BWS pads will effectively stop this occurence.

Armatherm™ BWS Thermal Break Pads are often called, Thermal Bridges, balcony isolators, structural thermal breaks, cantilever steelwork thermal bridging, cold bridge isolation, thermal partitions,   steelwork thermal break, thermal bridging, cold bridging pads, cold bridging solutions.



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