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mica 500 press pad 1Armatherm™ Grade MICA 500 Asbestos free press paltten insulation material is specifically  designed to address the problem of energy loss in production presses.  Manufactured to withstand a constant running temperature of 500°C (930°F) with a compressive strength of 360 Mpa, (52,000 PSI) and completely asbestos free Mica 500, is an ideal choice to reduce energy costs and maintainance overheads.

Specifications of Armatherm™ Misc 500 Press Platten Insulation.

        Metric       Imperial     
Compressive Strength   (22°C)  (70°F) 360 N/mm2 52 KPI 
Compressive Strength (200°C)  (390°F) 235 N/mm2  34 KPI
Insulation Resistance  10X16 Ω / cm @ 20 °C    
Tensile Strength 140 N/mm2 20.3 KPI 
Standard Thickness


13mm, 15mm, 20mm

  25mm and 50mm


     1/2", 3/4",

      1" and 2"

Density 2200 Kg/M3  137 Lbs/Ft3
Thermal Conductivity 0.30 W/m°K  0.17 Btu ft/ft2h°F
Continuous Operating Temp 500°C  930°F
Intermittent Operating Temp 700°C  1290°C

Armatherm™ Thermal Break being inspected.





Increase Machine Efficiency, Reduce Costs.

mica 500

Supplied in machined ready to fit shapes and sizes or in full sheets 1200 mm by 1000 mm, (48 inches by 40 inches).

(Other cut piece sizes available on request)

Many Platten Insulators will not stand a high compresive load meaning they will degrade and break down very quickly, Armatherm™ Mica 500 will offer many years trouble free service.

Main Characteristics:

- Exceptionally High Hot Compressive Strength 
- Low Thermal Conductivity 
- Oil and Moisture Resistant 
- Proven to Reduce Heat Loss, meaning lower running costs. 
- Helps Control Temperature


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Armatherm™ Mica 500 Asbestos free Platten Thermal Insulation material has been used in the past for Chimney support bearings, polymer filtration plant insulation, induction furnaces, smelting plants, pot lines, steel plants.