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ARMATHERM™ Grade 500armatherm grade 500-01

Reducing heat flow within a building’s thermal envelope reduces energy consumption as well as potential condensation issues. Armatherm™ 500 thermal break material significantly reduces energy lost from thermal bridging in building envelope connections.

Armatherm™ Grade 500 Ultra High Density rigid PU blocks offer continuous insulation to support structural loads from the foundation right through to the roof. Grade 500 is an exceptional insulator, formulated in ultra high-density blocks, it has high compressive strength allowing it to be employed supporting large compressive loads with little deflection. At the same time, it offers economical, code-required compliance for cold room column base applications.

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Installed at Design Planning Stage to Save energy for the life time of the building.

A cold bridge situation where a hard point needs to be mounted on an insulated flat roof. Traditional roof insulation products do not have the compressive strength to support Wind Post connections or Building Maintenance rails. This results in a short circuit of the insulation with cold bridging and potential condensation issues.

In addition to this the sealing of the waterproof membrane is a more complicated process.

Designing Armatherm™ 500 bearing blocks set into the roof insulation to locate with required hard points allows the roof membrane to be laid continually before the hard points are installed which are now completely thermally protected.

Armatherm™ 500 is manufactured in sheets 2400mmx 1200mm x 50mm thick and can be bonded to create 150mm, 200mm and 250mm thicknesses to achieve a specific R value.


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Applications of Armatherm™ 500 Thermal break material

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Cold Bridging of Column Base Insulation blocks

Thermal Protection for Parapet to roof transitions

Thermal Break of Foundation to wall transitions

Pope Stands for Pipe Supports

Thermal Isolation of Cryogenic Tanks

Cold Bridge issues on Roof Equipment Supports (davits, wind screens, equipment screens)

Thermally Break Fall Protection Anchor Points

Cold Room Thermal Floor Reinforcement